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Immo Topaze SRL

Intermediate real estate agent and

Real estate agent

and real estate agent

Registered IPI No: 505335


No Ent. : 0646.914.378

VAT number BE 646.914.378

Professional liability and guarantee via AXA Belgium SA - policy n ° 730.390.160

Affiliation to FEDERIA and ABSA

Belgian Association of Property Trustees and Administrators

The basic guarantees offered by Federia to its members:

Although any real estate agent automatically benefits, via the payment of his contribution, from the guarantees of the collective policy taken out by the IPI (thus meeting the requirements of his ethics), it seemed important for Federia to go further and better protect its members, with the following guarantees:

Higher insured amounts in professional and operating civil liability

Special guarantees such as coverage of the costs of reconstituting files and the costs of repairing acts

Third party fund insurance

Legal protection extended to disciplinary law

Third Party Fund Account: BE73 9501 9164 5760 holder: Immo Topaze srl

Supervisory authority
“Professional Institute of Real Estate Agents”
Rue du Luxembourg 16 B, 1000 Brussels ”


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Code of ethics here

IMMO TOPAZE privacy and GDPR policy here

Syndic rate:

On request due to the specificity of the assignment.

Rental rate:

For the accomplishment of his mission, the agent will receive remuneration equivalent to the first month's + VAT.

Rental Management Price:

For the accomplishment of his mission, the agent will receive remuneration equivalent to the first month's + VAT + 10% of the monthly rent with a minimum of € 50.00 intended to cover management fees payable throughout the term of the lease and its renewals.
The commission will however be perceived only on the paid rents and possible indemnity (s).

The signatories grant the agent an exclusive right to carry out the rental management of the property for a minimum of 12 months, i.e. 12 paid rents and until waiver of this by giving one month's notice beginning on the 1st of the month following receipt of the registered letter signifying the name.
If for any rental management agreement the number of 12 rents corresponding to 12 fees is not reached, the balance of the 12 fees must be paid by the owner who wishes to terminate this agreement under the stipulated conditions.
The 10% of the fees are calculated on the current rent and if the property is not rented, the calculation is made according to the price set by the principal during the presentation to the public for the rental.


Inventory price:

We only carry out an inventory of goods for which the rental or rental management has been entrusted to us at the rate of 150 € including VAT for the lessor and 150 € including VAT for the lessee.

Expertise Price - Assessment:

We carry out an expertise or an evaluation at the price of 150 € TTC.

Sale price:

The agent cannot close the sale in the name and for the account of the principal.
The agent benefits from exclusivity and will be the only one authorized to search for a buyer.

Contract length
The contract is concluded for a fixed period of 4 months (6 months maximum).
The principal has the right to terminate the contract immediately at any time, and without cause, upon payment to the agent of a termination fee equivalent to 50% (maximum 50%) of the agent's remuneration.

Remuneration and costs
For the accomplishment of his mission, the agent will receive remuneration equivalent to 3.63% incl. VAT on the sale price.
The remuneration is definitively due upon the signing of a valid private agreement of sale or if a written and valid offer to purchase is issued by a prospective buyer, in accordance with the conditions defined by this contract.
The remuneration will be payable upon signing of the notarial deed.

If no candidate acquirer is found by the agent, the principal will not be liable for any remuneration.
If the sale is not finalized due to the fulfillment of a condition, beyond the control of the principal, no remuneration is due to the agent.

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