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Important: We are looking for property for our creditworthy applicants who are actively seeking in your area, with our help.

Can we discuss it and enlighten you with our professional advice, free of charge and without obligation ?

What are your advantages by choosing us ?
We take care of everything for you :


  • By appointment at your best convenience after listening carefully to your projects, we explain our conditions and our way of proceeding.
  • We visit and appraise your property with the greatest attention
  • We offer you a complete service from the first meeting to the handing over of the keys after the deed of sale at the Notary
  • Our commission of 3.63% including VAT is due only in the event of a sale
  • A single point of contact for you and prospective buyers up to the Notary


  • For the eventual sale of your apartment, our function as trustee of many buildings and our specific knowledge in these different matters position us as truly preponderant players for the sale at your service.
  • Indeed, the accounting and regulatory aspects of condominium apartments cannot be improvised.
    Choosing a confirmed contact in these matters is a real advantage and very reassuring for your buyers ...
  • Good support is priceless ...




  • As soon as you agree to a simple and precise agreement for a short period of 4 months, we will do everything possible to satisfy you :   
  • Complete file and quickly produced to allow visits as well as its immediate distribution in the various media
  • Immediately, we present your property to candidates in our address books
  • We carry out the visits with professionalism, method and with the greatest freedom of schedule according to your wishes.
  • Regularly, we communicate the results to you while providing financial advice to those interested.
  • Purchase offers are carefully analyzed, as is the solvency of candidates.
  • As soon as the parties agree, we work together to draft the compromise with the Notary of your choice.
  • At the deed of sale, we accompany you to the Notary and communicate the index statements to the suppliers ...



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We are looking for property for our creditworthy clients !



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